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How do I create a footer graphic? (Legacy)
How do I create a footer graphic? (Legacy)
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This "Legacy" print design will soon be deprecated. Please refer to the New interactive print designer and custom print frames moving forward.

Footer graphics are primarily used to add logos and graphics to your print in order to match your brand and theme. Watch the video below on how to properly create your footer graphic.

If you plan to SHOW the social details, keep the design within the slanted lines of the guide layer. Design the background to the edges of the template, behind the slanted lines.

If you plan to HIDE the social details completely, you are welcome to design in the full artwork space and can disregard the guides layer in the template file. 

Learn more about print layout options (showing and hiding social details) here: Designing the Layout of your Prints

Saving and Exporting your File

Save your footer graphic file by going to File > Export > Save for Web (Legacy). Save as a jpeg at 60%-80% to keep the file size below 100kb. Double check to make sure that the artwork is indeed at 640px by 320px.

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