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How do I create an overlay graphic? (Legacy)
How do I create an overlay graphic? (Legacy)
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This "Legacy" print design will soon be deprecated. Please refer to the New interactive print designer and custom print frames moving forward.

Photo overlays are new feature that we've rolled out that can give you even a little bit more customization to your prints rather than just the footer graphic. It allows to you add boards to the prints or to add logos to overlay the actual image. See the video below on how to create an overlay graphic.

Photo Overlay Graphic Specs

Using the Overlay Graphic Template

Think of this file overlaying directly on top of the original user's photo that comes through on Instagram and Twitter. When designing your overlay graphic, you need to consider how it looks with social details ON or OFF and TOP of BOTTOM. Also, consider how it looks with the footer graphic.

Saving and Exporting

Save your overlay graphic file by going to File > Export > Save for Web (Legacy).
Save as a PNG-8 and make sure have transparency on. Double check to make sure that the artwork is indeed at 640px by 640px. Then save your file.

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