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What is the Photo Grid Display?
What is the Photo Grid Display?
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The Photo Grid Display is a super cool tool to help your audience engage and interact with your brand even more while at your events. Images that user's upload to social media populate the grid with "flip-in" animation that is pleasing to the eye. Every couple seconds new images flip around on the screen and a highlighted post pops up.

All you need to start with in order to add this awesome tool to your activation is a simple Display Logo. 

Below is a Graphic of how the Photo Grid Works

The Photo Grid

  • 26 Cells  - The grid is made up of 26 cells that is populated by user generated content. This responsive design makes a unique display at an event.

  • Intelligent Algorithm & Animation - The grid will always keep the most recent 26 images on the screen and will continue to flip in and out images throughout the duration of the event - keeping it relevant and amusing the whole time!

  • Display Logo - Upload a simple logo or custom graphic that represents what you are trying to promote during your event. 

  • Custom Colors - Use live preview designer to customize the look of the display with the ability to adjust the background color and the text color.

  • Highlighted Post - The highlighted post layer is a popup that cycles through the most recent posts on social media. You can control the frequency and duration.

Now that you understand how the photo grid works, click the button below to learn how to set up your photo grid display on Photoboxx.

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