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Getting Started with Photoboxx Displays
Getting Started with Photoboxx Displays
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There are two type of Displays you can use for your events - the Photo Grid and the Mosaic. Each Display type has different characteristics and made to be used for all types of events. Below is a guide to getting started with both Displays.

Photo Grid

The photo grid display is perfect for any sized event as users can watch their posts flip into the screen and popup in an awesome display. 


Watch user generated content build up and reveal an awesome mosaic image for your event or campaign with the live digital mosaic display.

Here is a helpful collection of articles to help you get started with your Photoboxx Live Displays. 

1. Set up Account  - Learn how to set up your account in the Photoboxx software.

2. Choose Display & Graphics  - Artwork requirements and templates for Mosaic and Photo Grid displays. 

3. Schedule Event: Mosaic or Photo Grid - Learn how to schedule and set up a Photoboxx Live Display in the software. 

4. Connect to Screen or Embed into a Website 

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