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What is the Mosaic Display?
What is the Mosaic Display?
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The digital Mosaic Display is a super cool tool to help your audience engage and interact with your brand even more while at your events. The concept of the digital mosaic is to "Reveal" a hidden image once it is populated with small images made up of user's posts to social media.

All you need to start with in order to add this awesome tool to your activation is a Mosaic Image! 

Below is a Graphic of how the Mosaic works

The Layers

  1. Mosaic Image - This is the final image you want to be revealed to your audience

  2. Effects Layer - This is a simple color picker overlay with opacity that you can modify when setting up your display.

  3. Populating Cells - These are the images that users are posting on social media. They reveal parts of the image, and when the cells are full, they finally reveal the final image!

  4. Overlay Layer - With the standard settings you can set a custom text and font color for this layer that is static above the rest. With advanced settings*, you can upload a custom mosaic overlay graphic like you see in the mock-up above.

  5. Highlighted Post - This highlighted post layer is a popup that cycles through the most recent posts on social media. You can control the frequency and duration.

The Final Results

  • Left: Initial Mosaic Look (empty cells)

  • Right: Final Mosaic Revealed (filled cells)

Now that you understand how the mosaic works, click the button below to learn how to set up your mosaic on Photoboxx.

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