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How do I start my first event?
How do I start my first event?
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Start Event Process

  1. Visit the Photoboxx Dashboard and Click the "Create Event" button at the top right of the screen on the dashboard.

  2. Type in an "Event Name", select Next. (Your event is now in a draft state).

  3. Add Feeds - learn more about adding feeds.
    - Hashtag Feeds
    from Instagram or Twitter
    - @Mention Feeds
    from Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter
    - Booth Mode (Coming soon)

  4. Enable Live Printing (optional) - learn more about setting up live printing.
    - To enable live printing you must choose a Photoboxx device to print with and create your print design by selecting a footer graphic.

  5. Enable Live Displays (optional)
    - Photo Grid Display
    - Mosaic Display

  6. Test or Schedule your Event
    - Testing your event will let it run for 30 minutes just to make sure everything is working properly (pulling in posts, printing, etc).
    - When you are ready, you can schedule your event, or start it immediately. You can also schedule when you'd like your event to end.
    - Learn more about the event in draft, testing, scheduled, and live here

  7. Your Event is now LIVE!
    A few notes about the event page: 

  • Photos will show up on this page within 30-60 seconds of the user posting on social.

  • Photos will be sent to print at the Photoboxx within 30-60 seconds of showing up on this page. 

  • You can search for users, click on posts, delete posts, reprint images from this page.

  • Once your event is over, click "End Event" to stop pulling photos from social and to view the full analytic report.

  • If you ever leave this page, you can come back to the Photoboxx dashboard and see your active event running there. You can click that link to come back to this event running page. You can also view and manage this event from the mobile app at any time.

At the bottom right of every screen of the Photoboxx website is a help chat icon. If you have any questions, please chat with us there, or email our team at


Photoboxx Mobile App

 (iOS or Android)

The Photoboxx mobile app was primarily built to connect the Photoboxx to internet while on-site at the event. It is also helpful to quickly manage your event from your mobile device while on site. 

Start Event

  1. Log in to the Photoboxx mobile app.

  2. Click "Create Event" on the dashboard

  3. Type in Event Name

  4. Choose your event feeds (#hashtag or @mention)

  5. Set up Live Printing (optional)

  6. Set up Live Displays (optional)

  7. Test or Schedule your event

  8. You can come back to this event page any time on the Photoboxx mobile app dashboard by clicking on the event card.

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