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Here's the step by step instructions on how to set up Photoboxx & run the event through the mobile app.

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The Photoboxx equipment will arrive in a large Photoboxx branded box. This step-by-step, 3-min video below walks you though how to un-box and assemble it.

Setup Photoboxx Equipment

Step 1 - Unpack Photoboxx 

Step 2 - Setup the Photoboxx Stand

Step 3 - Place Photoboxx Head on Stand

Step 4 -  Connect Photoboxx into power

Step 5 - Install Print Catch

Once it is fully set up and connected to power, you can now move onto the next step in setting up the printer.

Setup Printer

Step 1 - Open printer drawer

Step 2 - Pull out ribbon tray, insert new ribbon into tray, insert ribbon & tray back into printer.

Step 3 - Pull out paper end caps, insert paper end caps into new roll of paper, insert paper into printer. Flap should be facing down.

Step 4 - Turn paper roll down until 2 beep

Step 5 - Close printer drawer (pull up on the tab as you push to close)

Step 6 - Let printer initialize and print 5 blanks

Step 7 - You should see a solid green light on the printer once complete. If you see any error lights, view the troubleshooting section for help.

Test Photoboxx & Event In App

Step 1 - Open & Login to Photoboxx app

Step 2 -
Tap on the event running for your event, using the camera icon in the bottom right corner upload a photo to print. Your photo should print within a minute. 

Step 3 - Photos in the que to print will populate within the event running page of the app. 

Step 4 - Collect and display photos as they print.
        If photos are not populating into the app - check the spelling of the hashtag in users post and confirm their instagram profile is set to public. 

        If photos are in the app, but not printing - check the printer for error lights. Review these troubleshooting articles and use the support icon the app for live chat support. 

During the Event

Be highly engaging with attendees during the event. Offer to take their pictures and help make sure their posts are printing for them. Contact Photoboxx support team if you have any tech issues or questions. 

Common FAQS you may be asked: 

What is Photoboxx?
Photoboxx is a social media hashtag printer. Photoboxx curates, prints and displays posts from Instagram and Twitter by monitoring hashtags or @mentions. Attendees love engaging with Photoboxx and receiving a keepsake print of their social media post from the event!

How does Photoboxx work?
Photoboxx monitors a chosen hashtag(s) or @mention on Instagram and Twitter and instantly prints posts that include the hashtag/@mention in the caption as a custom branded 4x6 print.

Why does my social media account have to be public?
To respect each user's privacy and be compliant with Facebook, Instagram and Twitters privacy policies, we do not print private posts. Users can switch their accounts to public, post their photos & get prints, and then switch their account back to private.

How do I make my account public?
Open Instagram - Go to profile - Three horizontal lines top right corner Settings - Privacy - Account Privacy - Tap Private Account toggle

I don’t have social media, but I want a print.
Take their photo using the built in camera in the Photoboxx app! Look for the camera icon in the bottom right hand corner.

Can I get an extra print?
Yes! Go to the event page in the Photoboxx app, tap the photo to be reprinted, tap the printer icon and select the quantity of reprints.

After the Event

Step 1 - After the event ends, confirm with your event contact that it's time to take down Photoboxx. 

Step 2 - Follow this video on how to pack Photoboxx back into the box. 

Step 3 - Drop packaged Photoboxx off at Fedex location and/or follow the directions on your specific event training guide. Reach out to Photoboxx with any questions you have on confirming the right location to be leaving the Photoboxx.

Enjoy your Photoboxx event and please reach out to the support team via chat or Sam with any questions you have!
Here is a collection of other help articles that may assist you during your event.

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