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How do I set up Photoboxx & Printer?
How do I set up Photoboxx & Printer?
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The Photoboxx equipment will arrive in a large Photoboxx branded box. This step-by-step, 3-min video below walks you though how to un-box and assemble it.

Looking for a video with Version 5 Photoboxx? Click here.

Setup Photoboxx Equipment

Step 1 - Unpack Photoboxx 

Step 2 - Setup the Photoboxx Stand

Step 3 - Place Photoboxx Head on Stand

Step 4 -  Connect Photoboxx into power

Step 5 - Install Print Catch

Once it is fully set up and connected to power, you can now move onto the next step in setting up the printer.

Setup Printer

Step 1 - Open printer drawer

Step 2 - Pull out ribbon tray, insert new ribbon into tray, insert ribbon & tray back into printer.

Step 3 - Pull out paper end caps, insert paper end caps into new roll of paper, insert paper into printer. Flap should be facing down.

Step 4 - Turn paper roll down until 2 beep

Step 5 - Close printer drawer (pull up on the tab as you push to close)

Step 6 - Let printer initialize and print 5 blanks

Step 7 - You should see a solid green light on the printer once complete. If you see any error lights, view the troubleshooting section for help.

Once you have completed the Photoboxx and Printer set up, you can follow the instructions for the next step here: Connecting Photoboxx to Internet

If there are any damages or missing parts to your Photoboxx, please email

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