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Getting Started with Photoboxx
Getting Started with Photoboxx Printer
Getting Started with Photoboxx Printer
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A complete video guide, showing you everything you need to know about your Photoboxx. 

Prefer to read instructions? Here is a helpful collection of articles to help you get started with your Photoboxx and the Photoboxx Software. 

1. Set up Account  - Learn how to set up your account in the Photoboxx software. 

2. Set up Printer - Learn how to set up your Photoboxx and the printer for the first time. 

3. Connect to Internet  - Learn the different ways to connect Photoboxx to internet. 

4. Start Event  - Learn how to start the first event in your Photoboxx account. 

5. Return Photoboxx - (if you are renting the Photoboxx)

Learn the technical requirements necessary at an event for the Photoboxx to function properly.

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