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How do I set up live printing for my event?
How do I set up live printing for my event?
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After you've Created your event and added Feeds to your event, then you can set up Live Printing and/or Live Displays.

Add Live Printing to your Event

While your event is in draft mode, click on the "Live Printing" button that will take you to the print settings page. And at any time, on the top right of the screen you can click the print icon to add live printing.

Live Printing Settings

All that is required to set up live printing is to have a Photoboxx device on your account. It should be selected by default.

  • Select Printers: Choose a Photoboxx device or multiple devices to print to.

  • Print Modes:
    - If you have multiple devices, you can have them print faster by splitting the load, or you can print to all devices
    - Choose to automatically print or manually print post that come through
    - Choose double prints if you want 2 prints for every image that comes through

  • Print Design: Use the interactive designer to create a print design on the fly.

    • Choose a print style (full bleed or framed)

    • Choose a design type as simple or upload a custom print frame.

    • Change background color, add text, and logos.

At the bottom right of every screen of the Photoboxx website is a help chat icon. If you have any questions, please chat with us there, or email our team at


From the Photoboxx Mobile App

 (iOS or Android)

The Photoboxx mobile app is helpful to quickly manage your event from your mobile device while on site. 

Start Event with Live Printing

  1. After you create your event and add your feeds. 

  2. Enable print settings by clicking the "Live Printing" button or enabling it in the event settings.

  3. Choose your Photoboxx device and print design click "Done".

  4. All settings and print modes can be edited at any time from the mobile app as well.

  5. Start or schedule your event when you are ready.

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