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How do I set up Kiosk Mode?
How do I set up Kiosk Mode?
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Kiosk mode is great tool for lead capture purposes and/or letting your users control what prints from your Photoboxx. Think of it as a more traditional spin on hashtag printing with a kiosk printer that users can interact with.

How do I set up Kiosk Mode?

  1. After you get your event set up and your general print settings, click on the "Add" button next to Kiosk Mode.

    Please note, in order to use Kiosk Mode, your print mode settings will be automatically changed from "Auto Print" to "Manual Print".

  2. The Kiosk settings are mostly to help you design your public facing kiosk page.

    Kiosk Link:
    This is your public facing link. Copy and past this in a new window to launch kiosk mode.

    Title & Subtitle: Customize what how you want to instruct users to use your kiosk.

    Colors: Control the background, text, and button colors. By default, the print queue will always be white.

    Social Icons: Choose which social icons to display on the screen

    Lead Form: Choose from a list of forms that you have already created, or create a new one here. This is ideal for capturing leads and making sure your users enter in information like name and email or answer questions for you before printing. Learn more about forms here.

  3. Start your event and launch Kiosk Mode
    - Open up the public-facing kiosk page by copy and pasting the link, or clicking on the "Kiosk Mode" button on the main event page.

    - Set up a computer or touch screen for people to access and choose which posts to print.

More Coming Soon...

Look out for more capabilities and guides coming soon on how to use Kiosk Mode for your events, what type of hardware to use, and more.

  • Kiosk mode settings are currently only supported on the web version of Photoboxx. They will be available soon via the mobile app.

  • We will be launching kiosk mode as a native experience within the mobile app soon that will allow users to use kiosk mode on iPads and tablets.

If you have any feedback for this feature, please email us at

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