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What is the Photo Booth Kiosk?
What is the Photo Booth Kiosk?
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What is the Photo Booth Kiosk? 📸

The Photo Booth Kiosk is a new "feed" for your events. In addition to pulling posts from social media and a Virtual Booth, you will also be able to print photo from attendees who use your Photo Booth Kiosk. The workflow is very similar to the Virtual Booth and works together very nicely!

  • Design a branded photo booth kiosk right through the Photoboxx software.

  • Setup the Photo Booth Kiosk with and iPad on a stand using the Photoboxx mobile app.

  • Participants can walk up to the Kiosk to take their picture, make edits, and upload straight to your event to print and/or display. They can also send their new photo to themselves via email or scanning a QR code.

To start, you first need to create, customize, and launch. Once you set up your physical kiosk with an iPad and stand, participants begin to use the Photo Booth Kiosk.

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