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How do I set up a Photo Booth Kiosk on an iPad?
How do I set up a Photo Booth Kiosk on an iPad?
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Create a traditional Photo Booth experience using the Photoboxx Mobile App while on an iPad or Android Tablet. This guide will walk you through setting up the Photo Booth Kiosk in the Photoboxx software.

1. Activate Photo Booth Kiosk

  • You can activate the Photo Booth kiosk on the web or mobile app. Just click on the "Photo Booth Kiosk" button when adding or editing feeds.

  • Customize the branding and photo booth experience in the settings and then save.

2. Launch Photo Booth Kiosk from the mobile app

  • Once your event is live and your Photo Booth Kiosk is set up, you can launch it directly from the mobile app by clicking the button "Launch Photo Booth Kiosk"

  • We recommend using an iPad for this step.

3. Turn on Guided Access

Guided Access is a setting on both iPhones and iPads that disables the ability to close an app by pressing the home button or using the home swipe up gesture. This effectively restricts the device to a single app.

Turning On Guided Access

  • Open the Settings App

  • Tap “Accessibility”

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and tap “Guided Access”

  • Turn on the switch next to “Guided Access”

  • Configure the passcode you want to use later to unlock guided access

  • Set Display Auto-Lock to "Never"

  • To turn on Guided Access on a device with a home button, press the home button three times. If you have a device without a home button like the iPad Pro or iPhone 11, press the sleep/wake button three times.

  • If this is the first time you’re enabling Guide Access, the app will shrink to the background allow you to Start or Cancel Guided Access as well as set Options for the app. Tap the Options button in the lower left corner to disable hardware features like volume buttons or keyboard.

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