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How do I connect the Photoboxx to internet?
How do I connect the Photoboxx to internet?
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Once you've successfully set up your photoboxx and connected it to power, you can now connect it to internet. 

There is a status light on every Photoboxx. This light has several different light messages, but the main one we are concerned about is a green flashing light (not connected to internet) or a green solid light (connected to internet).


Photoboxx requires an internet connection in order to function properly. Please be sure to test and verify you have access to any or all possible options for an internet connection just in case

Option 1: Automatic 4G/LTE Connection (Only available for Photoboxx v6 or v7) -
If you have a version 6 or version 7 Photoboxx (PBXX-6C-xxxx or PBXX-7C-xxxx) there is a built in 4G/LTE router that should automatically connect to internet once plugged in if there is a strong cellular signal in the area. However, if there is not good signal in the area, please have a backup plan for other internet options.

Option 2: Ethernet - (RECOMMENDED)
 - Plug in directly to Photoboxx. This is the MOST RELIABLE internet option.

Option 3: Wireless
- (WiFi, Hotspot, etc.) - Use iOS or Android mobile app to connect the Photoboxx to wifi via bluetooth.

  • Secured WPA/WPA2/WPA3 wifi networks, personal hotspots, or mifi/hotspot devices are the MOST RELIABLE wireless network connection to use outside of a hard-wired ethernet connection. (i.e. Secure networks that ONLY require a password)

  1. Log into the mobile app & Tap "Connect a Device" on the top of the screen OR tap on the "Devices" tab at the bottom of the screen.

  2. Tap your device (PBXX-X-00XX) in the nearby devices section.(If you do not see a 'Nearby Device", navigate away from the page and then back to the Devices page. Also, ensure your Photoboxx is powered on and you see the green status light.) 

  3. Tap a Wi-Fi network to connect to. Type in the password when prompted and wait for a successful connection.

  4. Once connected successfully it will take you back to the device page and you should see that it is now connected. - From there you can change the network, send a test print, or view device information.

Noted WiFi Restrictions

  • Any wireless network that requires a browser popup to consent or type in a username/password are currently NOT supported (i.e. hotels, coffee shop, etc)

  • Photoboxx will NOT function properly if there is a firewall behind your network preventing it from reaching our cloud servers. You can work with your IT team to whitelist the Photoboxx device with a MAC address that we can provide for you.

  • Open networks are NOT reliable and will NOT work consistently with the Photoboxx. Open networks that require a browser popup to consent or type in a password are currently NOT supported (i.e. hotels, coffee shop, etc)

  • Only Photoboxxes with version B+ currently support 5GHz networks. You can find the version of your current device by navigating to the devices page. If you have a version that is not the B+ model, 5GHz networks will not show up on the "Choose Wifi Network" page of the mobile app.

  • Photoboxx does not currently support WPA/WPA2/WPA3 Enterprise security networks. (i.e. networks that require BOTH a username and password)

If you have any issues, please chat with us using the tech support chat page on the app or email us at 

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