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How do I use the in-app camera?
How do I use the in-app camera?
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Photoboxx In-App Camera

The Photoboxx in-app camera makes it possible for brands to include all attendees in the Photoboxx experience, even those who don’t have social media accounts. It's a built-in feed that you can use at any time.

The in-app camera feature works by allowing event operators to take photos directly in the Photoboxx app during an event and automatically prints them from Photoboxx.  

The in-app camera is great for events that prioritize attendee engagement over social media marketing - where the main goal is to encourage attendees to take home their prints. 

The feature is also ideal for private events such as celebrity appearances, where the in-app camera transforms Photoboxx into a more traditional photo booth. Events with multiple brand ambassadors can use the in-app camera to snap photos for attendees from all over the event and automatically print their photos with Photoboxx.  

Use the In-App Camera

  1. Open the Photoboxx app > navigate to your current event > tap the blue camera icon (bottom right corner). 

  2. Take an event photo or upload one from your phone's photo library 

  3. Choose a photo filter and hit upload 

  4. Pick up prints at your Photoboxx printer

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