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What's the difference between an event that is in draft, testing, scheduled, live, or completed states?
What's the difference between an event that is in draft, testing, scheduled, live, or completed states?
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Create Event

  • Create a new event by click the "Create Event" Button on the dashboard

  • Type in the event name to get started - a draft will be created so you can get things set up!


While in Draft, this is where you can set up your event.

  • Add your feeds

  • Add your features (Print and Display Settings)

  • Edit the name of the event

  • Come back and edit or delete a draft at any time

  • Test or Schedule to start your event


While TESTING your event, this is where you can make sure everything you've set up in draft is working properly. Test to make sure content is getting curated and the printer and/or the display are working properly. This is helpful if your event is in the future and right now you just want to test.

  • It will run for 30 minutes and automatically return to DRAFT.

  • All test content will be removed after testing.

  • When you're done testing and ready to go live, you can start or schedule your event at anytime.


When your event is SCHEDULED, you can still edit and change anything you need, but it is in a "pending" state. No content or printing will happen while in the SCHEDULED state. 

  • You can schedule to start your event now, or at a later date. You can also schedule it to end at a particular date and time.

  • Event is in a pending state - it will begin at the scheduled start time.

  • At any time you can edit the event schedule, or cancel the schedule to do more testing.


Your event is LIVE! 

  • All features are available to edit or change at any time

  • You can view posts, remove posts, reprint, display or hide from display, etc.

  • If your event is scheduled to end, a warning at the top of the screen will appear when it is within 30 min of ending. You can extend it or end it immediately at any time.

  • Once live, this event cannot go back into draft, scheduled, or testing state. 


Once your event is COMPLETED, the analytics report will appear where you can review your numbers and get a solid recap on how your event went! 

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