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How do I design the layout of my prints? (Interactive Designer)
How do I design the layout of my prints? (Interactive Designer)
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We've just released our new interactive design tool! Check out this short demo video on how it works.

Print Design

Choose between New of Legacy.

  • New will let you use the interactive designer, new print frames, and create higher quality prints.

  • Legacy will allow you to use the old style design with footer graphics and overlay graphics. This will be deprecated soon. Legacy design info here.

New Interactive Designer

Print Style

Choose between Framed and Full Bleed.

  • Framed will add a 50px border around the main image on the print.

  • Full bleed will allow the main image to have a full bleed to all edges of the print. If uploading a custom print graphic, make sure you have designed for the proper print style.

Design Type

Choose between Simple and Custom Graphic.

  • Simple: Use our interactive designer to create a simple print frame. Change the background color, add logos, custom text, and stickers.

  • Custom Graphic: To create a more in-depth print design, you can create a custom print frame graphic.

    • Print Frame Graphic: A 1280px by 1920px graphic that can be built with different background colors, logos, and graphics to help match your brand or theme. You can upload a new graphic or choose from a previously uploaded footer graphic. To learn more about how to create a footer graphic, see the tutorial here: How to create a custom print frame


Choose a solid or gradient (linear or radial) color(s) for a background.

Logos, Text, and Stickers

Add Text Button

Click this button to add text. You can double click to edit the text and type in the text desired. You can also change the font, color, font-weight, font-style, and alignment. Adjust the size by clicking off the element and dragging one of the corners to make it bigger or smaller.

Add Logo / Sticker Button

Click on any pre-loaded logo or sticker to add it to the print design or upload your own. We recommend logos and stickers to be transparent pngs. Adjust the size of each element by dragging one of the corners of the selection.

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