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How do I set up Contest Mode?
How do I set up Contest Mode?
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Contest mode is great tool for those events where you want to give away a prize for winners or just want to have another random print design.

How do I set up Contest Mode?

  1. After you get your event set up and your general print settings, click on the "Add" button next to Contest Mode. 

  2. The Contest Mode settings are very similar to the general settings in that you have to create a new "winner" print design and a winner frequency.

    Winner Frequency:
    This is the number of posts between winners. Please note, this number may not always be perfectly accurate and is used for estimating purposes only as it is somewhat random how often this is applied.

    Print Design:
    A footer graphic is required. You can choose one already uploaded, or upload a new graphic here. Learn all about the footer and overlay graphics here.

  3. Save your settings and watch as new posts come in with a winner badge on them in the software and the new winner print design.

If you have any feedback for this feature, please email us at

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