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How do I set up my Photoboxx Account?
How do I set up my Photoboxx Account?
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The Photoboxx app is a cloud based software that communicates with social networks to curate content for printing (with Photoboxx) and displaying. This article explains how to set up your account on the Photoboxx WebApp.

1. Check for an email invite to join your Photoboxx account. 

You should get an email invite to join your account on Photoboxx. If you are missing this email invite, please email for help.

2. Set up your personal profile on Photoboxx

Once you click to set up profile, you should be directed to log in to Photoboxx. Here you must set up the following fields:

  • Email, First Name, Last Name, Password

Once you've created your account and logged in, the FIRST thing you need to do is authenticate your social networks. 

  • Navigate to to the "Social Networks" page. 

  • Authenticate an Instagram Business Account

  • Authenticate Facebook

  • Authenticate Twitter

Instagram, Facebook & Twitter Authentications - These authentications are crucial to using Photoboxx. You will need to authenticate Instagram with an Instagram Business Account. Authenticate Facebook and Instagram with the official accounts you want users to @mention in their posts. You can authenticate with any Twitter account as long as it is a PUBLIC account. This authorizes Photoboxx to search Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for posts with your specified hashtag or @mention. To see more detailed steps on how to link an Instagram Business Account, read this article. 

***The authenticated profile is not used for anything else other than to search for public posts and does not use any other data on your behalf. It is also important to note that if you plan to run multiple events at the same time, you will want to authenticate with different accounts.

4. Invite team members (optional)

  • Navigate to the "Team" page to add new team members

  • Click  the "Invite User" button

  • Type in the user's email

  • Select "Administrator" or "Operator" 

An Admin has all the same access on your account as you do.
Best for team members who should have access to everything on your account.

An Operator has limited access to your account.
Best for team members who should ONLY have access to starting/managing events and resources, but should not have access to view billing details or invite other admins.

  • Click "Invite User"

5. Upload graphics (optional)

This is where you can upload print artwork for prints and any display graphics to use for your events.

  • Navigate to the "Graphics" link on the left nav. 

  • Learn more about uploading Print Graphics here.

  • Learn more about uploading Display Graphics here

Now your Photoboxx Account is ready to go!

If you have any questions regarding setting up your Photoboxx account, feel free to chat with our support team at the bottom right of any screen. You can also email us anytime at

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