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How do I link Twitter to my Photoboxx Account?
How do I link Twitter to my Photoboxx Account?
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Twitter Authentications - These authentications are crucial to using Photoboxx.  You can authenticate with any Twitter account as long as it is a PUBLIC account. This authorizes Photoboxx to search Twitter for posts with your specified hashtag or @mention. 

***The authenticated profile is not used for anything else other than to search for public posts and does not use any other data on your behalf. 

1. Navigate to the Social Networks Page and select Twitter.

2. Login to the Twitter account you would like to authentic with.
This can be ANY Twitter account, but it must be set to "public" in the privacy setting. 

3. Choose to "allow" Photoboxx to use your authentication. 

4. The Twitter account will be authenticated and added to your account. The social networks are authenticated on your Photoboxx account when you see the account profiles listed below each social network. 

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