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Why aren't social media posts showing up in the software? (Troubleshooting steps)
Why aren't social media posts showing up in the software? (Troubleshooting steps)
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There are a few troubleshooting steps to solve any issues with the social media posts not showing up in the Photoboxx software. Run those these steps below to figure out why a post isn't populating. 

  • Spelled Correctly? Make sure the hashtag or @mention is spelled correctly and correctly tagged on Facebook.

  • Private Profile? Check to make sure the user's profile is public. Due to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter privacy policies, we are only allowed to gather PUBLIC data, therefore posts from private accounts will not show up. On Facebook, users can change the privacy level of specific posts. 

  • Old Post? Check to make sure it is a brand new post (not an old post that was just tagged)

  • Account Errors? Check to make sure your authenticated social network account doesn't have any errors and is linked up properly. You can check this on the event running page at the top right of the screen or by visiting the social networks page here.

  • Contact Us - If all of those are correct and it still isn't showing up on Photoboxx, contact us here, via the chat at the bottom right of the screen, or in the app.

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