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How and where do I upload display artwork?
How and where do I upload display artwork?
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Once you've created your display artwork, then you can easily upload them to your Photoboxx account. There is a convenient place for you to upload your artwork in order to be available on your account so you can select it when you are starting your event.

See below how and where you can upload your Display artwork on Photoboxx:

  1. Navigate to the "Graphics" page then "Display Graphics"

  2. Hover over the info icon to view the Graphic specifications.  

  3. Upload your artwork. Adjust your file if needed or choose "vertical display", then click done. 

  4. The new graphic should now show up in the graphics grid.

  5. You can add more display graphics. All graphics will stay stored here. 

  6. When starting your events, your artwork is now ready. You will select the graphics when setting up the event.

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