How do I update my Photoboxx device?
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If a device on your account needs an update, you will see a device update notification at the top right of the screen and a red dot on the navigation bar next to devices. 

Navigate to the Devices Page

Once at the Devices page you will see a list of devices - in the Information section you will see the colored version number (RED means out of date, BLUE means up to date)

If the version of your device is RED and has a Update Icon next to it, then that device is due for an update. Go ahead and click the Update Icon to see the update information and instructions. 

Once your device is connected to internet and you are ready to update, click the Update button in order to proceed with the update.

The status light on your Photoboxx will begin to cycle through red, green, blue for a few minutes and then remain solid green once complete.

Updating a Desktop App (Mac OS or Windows) - Self Update

If your Mac OS or Windows application needs an update, it will require you to download a new Photoboxx application to your computer and then replace the old application on your system. 

As always, if you ever have any questions are need help updating your devices, feel free to chat with our tech support team via the chat icon at the bottom right of any screen or email us at

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