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What are forms and how do I use them?
What are forms and how do I use them?
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What are Forms?

Forms are used primarily for capturing leads at your events. This is a crucial feature if you want to get more information from your audience like Name, Email, Surveys Answers, etc. Forms can be used in conjunction with the new Kiosk mode and Booth mode (coming soon).

You can attach a form to your Kiosk or Booth Mode settings to have your customers come through and submit a lead capture form before getting their prints.

How do I use Forms?

Creating Forms

  • Forms can only be created from the web on the desktop.

  • You can navigate to the "Forms" page on the left sidebar, then click on "Create Form" on the top right of the screen.

  • Name your form and then edit the contents of your form. By default, we add in the name and email as required fields, but you can always edit, remove, or add other fields as needed. 

  • We designed the form builder to work and function similar to other form builders, so you can use them right away. 

  • The final result of the form may look slightly different than the preview on your screen in order to match the styles of the front end for the person using the Kiosk or Booth mode.

Using Forms

  • Once your form is created, it can be used as a "Lead Capture" tool in the Kiosk and Booth features. 

  • You can reuse forms over and over for multiple events, or create a new form for each event. 

  • Once each form gets submitted, you will see the results on the Form list page or in the event analytics and can download those at any time to use for your marketing purposes.

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