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How do I pause my printer?
How do I pause my printer?
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You can pause printing on your printer a few different ways.

Option 1: Change from Auto-Print to Manual-Print

If you want to keep pulling in posts, but don't want them to auto print, you can simply change to manual print and that will essentially "pause" the printer.

Option 2: Remove Live Printing

You can also remove live printing altogether from your event to ensure no prints ever get sent to the printer.

Option 3: Remove Feeds

If you'd like to stop a certain feed from printing, but leave everything else going automatically, just remove the one feed or you can remove all feeds to stop printing them.


Pausing Printer Caveats 

  • If print mode is set to auto-print, all posts that came through on auto-print will automatically be queued up to print. There is no way to stop this unless you stop your event.

  • Once a print setting is changed, it will take effect for all future posts - any posts that have already come in will not reflect the change.

  • We plan to come out with a TRUE print management feature for print settings in the near future where you can pause and delete specific prints that are backlogged in the queue.

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