How do I connect my displays to a screen?
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There are a number of ways to connect your digital display to an external screen. Usually this requires a computer and an external screen. 

Chromecast (Recommended)

Since the digital display runs in the browser, our recommendation is to use the latest version of google chrome on a computer and cast to a screen wirelessly via chromecast. 

Learn more about how to cast a tab from chrome to a chromecast here.

Other Wireless Options:

  • Airplay screen mirroring via Apple TV

  • Miracast with Samsung & other Android Smart TVs from devices running Windows 8 or newer.

  • Other wireless options here

Hard Wired Options:

  • Use HDMI Cable connected from your computer to the external screen
    - There are several ways to do this and is usually the most robust way especially for more enterprise version of screens and/or projectors with multiple switchers.

Other Tips when Displaying on External Screens

  • We recommend using the latest version of google chrome.

  • Make sure your computer is plugged into power to set your computer settings to "never sleep" while plugged into power.

  • We recommend going full screen with the browser (no bookmarks or tabs showing) and fitting it properly on your external screen.

For optimal browser experience please ensure that you are using the latest version of Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. It’s very likely that the Photoboxx display also works on older versions of these browsers and potentially other up to date browsers like Opera and Microsoft Edge. If you continue to have issues properly viewing the Photoboxx Mosaic display, please refresh your page and/or download the latest version of Google Chrome.

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