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How do I set up Virtual Booth?
How do I set up Virtual Booth?
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The Photoboxx virtual booth delivers a branded, mobile photo experience to your event guests and require nothing but a smart phone. No app or social media required!

This article will guide you through setting up booth mode for your upcoming event. Learn more about the guest experience here.

Create a new event or add to an existing one

When setting up your event for the first time, the first part you will set up are your Feeds. Virtual Booth is another feed for your Photoboxx event.

You can also add the Virtual Booth feed to an existing event by simply clicking add feeds at the top right of the page.

Customize your booth

Booth Access

Once you enable booth mode for your event, a custom booth access URL is created and can be shared with your participants to give them access.

  • Stop or Start Booth Access at any time. By default this is active.

  • Copy the URL and share with your participants to start collecting photos

  • Download the QR code so participants can open the booth by simply scanning the QR code. This is ideal if you have custom signage around your event.

  • Print instruction cards on demand with the QR code straight to your Photoboxx while at your event.


Use our customizable branding panel to design an awesome virtual booth for your guests!

  • Header Logo - The header logo is located at the top of every page on your booth. This custom logo can be any logo or combination of logos to use for booth mode. We suggest this logo to be a solid color and to blend well with your chosen background color/image. By default this is a Photoboxx logo.
    Recommended Format: 400px x 118px, PNG

  • Text Color - This color changes the main text and button background colors of your booth.

  • Heading & Subheading - Customize the heading and sub heading on the start page. Keep is short and simple to describe your event and call users to action.

  • Background Image - The booth mode background image will display as the background on every page of your booth. You can upload almost any type of image and then use the opacity slider to let the background color create an overlay on top of the image. It's helpful to keep in mind usability on all screen sizes.
    Recommended Format: 1920x1080px, PNG or JPG

  • Background Color(s) - Customize the color theme of your booth. Choose from solid or gradient options. The first color selected also acts as the text color for your buttons.

Advanced Booth Settings

  • Photo Library Upload - Show or hide the button that allows users to choose to upload an image from their photo library. If you are concerned about unrelated event photos or spam, hide this button. It will not allow users to upload images from their photo library which will help ensure all photos are relevant to the event.

  • Participant Photo Limit - To help moderate and limit spam, you can set a limit on the number of photos that a particular user can upload. A user is identified by session, so they can always change browsers or devices to get around this limit, but it is a helpful line of defense nonetheless. By default this is set to unlimited.

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