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How do I set up a hashtag for my event?
How do I set up a hashtag for my event?
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After creating your event, at any time you can navigate to the "Add Feed" button on the event page to add a hashtag feed.

Supported Social Networks:

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

How to set up:

  1. Type in the Hashtag you would like to use (it is not case-sensitive)

  2. Choose which social networks you would like to gather posts from

  3. Choose which social network accounts that you would like to use for authentication (see caveats for more details)

  4. (Optional) Add Filters - this requires users to include (or exclude) content in their post like an additional hashtag, @mention, or text, etc.

Instructions for users:

  1. Take a photo and upload to Instagram or Twitter

  2. Include the #hashtag in the caption

  3. Make sure the post is public or from public account (it will not get private posts)

  4. It should show up in the software within 1 min from posting on average - If you run into any issues with this process - click here for troubleshooting steps.

Hashtag Feed Caveats:

  • Personal Instagram Accounts will not work with any feeds - you must use a professional Instagram account for authentication.

  • Hashtag posts from Instagram will not include the username or user photo due to Instagram's privacy policies. So there is no way to block users, search by user, or provide real user data for these posts

  • Hashtag posts from Instagram will not include the real timestamp of the post, that is why you will sometimes get a handful of posts from Instagram right away that were taken before your event started (it gets the latest 20 that were taken within the last 24 hours)

  • When you have multiple hashtag feeds, you may see an "in-use" tag on the social network that you want to use for authentication. This is simply a message saying that feed will update a bit slower in order to stay under the social network rate limits.

  • It does not matter which social networks you use for authentication for Twitter or Instagram (as long as Instagram is a Professional Account). The authentication is used to reach out to Instagram to search for public hashtagged posts on a timed interval (every 30 - 90 seconds on average).

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